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There is a small issue with publishing Pavel's code: his IDL developments are partially funded by NASA and NOAA. Although they may seem to be the property of the United States taxpayers (meaning you, the visitor), there are copyright rules that NOAA and NASA stick to. This is why for larger projects you may see instructions and description of what the program does here, but not the code.

One conclusion from this: if you do see the code, then the program has no value whatsoever.

To use a program that has no code provided E-mail Pavel and he should be able to get permission to send you the code, if the program appears to have (yeah, sure) commercial value and might be copyrighted by the Government.

Memory use under Mac OS classic: some answers provided by the IDL for Mac OS developer, Thierry Faucounau.

CHECKBOX function allows to use a LONG number to record and retrieve status of checkboxes bitwise.

COMPLOTS is a set of visualization procedures specifically written to help visualize data from the NASA ER-2 aircraft and other NASA platforms. It is a widget-based application utilizing direct graphics but allowing use of object graphics for Region of Interest analyses on multiple related plots.

DISPLAY procedure is my flagship program. It is an object graphics based application that allows 2D displaying of vectors, zooming, adding and deletion of plots, legends, text and polygons and region of interest selection and linking in multiple DISPLAY windows.

SINGLE_SET procedure for maintaining a named global variable without using COMMON blocks.

SOBJ_NEW procedure for creating a Singleton object (object that is only allowed one instance per IDL session).

HATSchrom - complete IDL-based solution to processing chromatographic data. This software is designed to process data from fast, folded chromatograms produced by airborne gas chromatographs.

SMART_W procedure is a replacement for the IDL WINDOW procedure. It is different in that a window receives focus automatically when it is brought to the foreground by a mouse click. No WSET is necessary.

EXPORT_TO_MAIN routine allows saving a local variable from a user procedure to the main level of IDL using a modal widget dialog.

GET_RANGE is the simplest wrapper for MIN function that returns the range of an array as a two-element vector. While it is an absolute no-brainer, I find I need this so frequently that calling GET_RANGE is nicer than calling MIN(..., MAX=...) and reformatting the output to be a vector.

Aileron_Diff is a small, simple kinematics program that allows to calculate offset positioning of a control horn on model aircraft control surface to achieve differential upward and downward throws.

AinaCo does not support IDL programs provided on these pages. Please contact Pavel Romashkin with any questions you might have.


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